The New Erno Laszlo 3.0 Experience Boutique

The new store is scheduled to launch in Malaysia, November 2015. It is a prototype for many to come. In collaboration with Bonetti\Kozerski studios we created a luxurious residential feel that honored our visual and brand heritage. Exquisite materials were selected, such as natural brass, honed marble, smoked glass and piano-finish gloss lacquer.

We continue to play with the idea of beveled surfaces and the contrast between gloss and matte, but in a much more subtle and feminine way. We toned down the stark black and white contrast and introduced a slightly warmer off white color.

The Erno Laszlo 2.0 Shop-In-Shop

In 2012 when the brand began its expansion in the east we created the look and feel of the first Erno Laszlo counters, Shop-in-Shop and travel retail. It became the foundation for the new 3.0 designs. We took a simple shape - the octagon – and made it our brand identifier. We used it as abstract interpretations to develop the store and related fixtures. We introduced the texture play with matte and glossy surfaces and added in clear beveled Lucite to accompany the products. We also developed the black and white color scheme for the brand and a signature treatment for the brand logo.

The Institute

After 40 years of absence The institute reopened in 2013. I had the opportunity to create a one of a kind flagship location for Erno Laszlo with unique and original pieces from the archives...