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Packaging & Product Design


Packaging & Product Design


Beautyblender® Holiday Sets

Earned the best-in-class recognition by Sephora for design and innovation.

All of the sets used a unique printed foil without compromising the shine & sparkle of the material or “shedding” glitter all over.

The boxes were designed to serve as keepsake. After removing the sleeve that contained all the product and legal information the box retained only a subtle branding, making the boxes feel lux enough to keep.

Each sets were engineered to ship flat, saving space and cost during transport.


Sweet Concept

The idea was to create a design that stands out during the crowded holiday season in-store.

I designed the sets to have a playful multi-color sparkle on the outside and the inside of the box to resemble a chocolate sampler complete with product names and sweet sprinkles.


Unusual Shape

To add to the originality of the design, I took inspiration form the well known Toblerone packaging and created a shape that is surprising to the touch.


Scalloped Edges

In this set I designed the vac-form to have a scalloped edge, similar to what you can see in a chocolate sample box. This design left the blenders with a temporary scalloping seam, making the blenders look special.


Sweet Surprise

Inspired by the lovable mystery blind bags, this holiday gift contained 4 different colors of blenders with one special new color.

The box encouraged the customer to collect them all and also provided a great stocking stuffer opportunity.

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liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation


liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation


Patented Innovation

For beautyblender’s first entry into the complexion category my goal was to develop a product that works perfectly with its iconic sponge, while making the process of putting on makeup easier no matter what applicator you use.

The idea of the “Power Couple” campaign came form this proposition.


Reservoir Palette

Foundation users often use the back of their hand to deposit makeup first and use the tools to pick up from there to apply the makeup.

This innovative design allows the consumer to pump the foundation into the reservoir palette with a specially designed angled nozzle and built in palette, so they don’t have to use the back of their hand anymore.


Just Lock It & Go

On the back of Bounce bottle there is a locking mechanism so your product is spill proof and can be safely stored.

The frosted glass finish allows the color of the foundation to be visible but hides the mechanism inside, elevating the look of the bottle.


Refined From The Outside In

With the secondary packaging I introduce the new paired down branding of beautyblender.

While keeping the signature name, shape and neon pink color, we introduced the element of white-silver foil and contemporary gradient side and top panels.

This color gradient becomes the signifier of the Bounce family, under beautyblender.

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Blender Defender

Shatter Proof, Soft Carry & Protect Case

Blender Defender

Shatter Proof, Soft Carry & Protect Case



The Ingenious Protective Case

Beautyblender was struggling to come up with accessories for the blender that possessed perceived value to the consumer.

I realized that fans of the brand where having a challenge of storing and transporting their damp used blenders. So I came up with the solution of a simple case that enabled the wet blenders to dry while inside the case and made them easy to transport, as the flexible material conforms to items in your already stuffed travel case.

The case is fairly simple to manufacture, made of a singular easy to clean silicone material. The only thing that’s more easy than making Blender Defender - is using it 😜


Instant Hit

Originally offered only in a set the protective case quickly become a standalone product inspiring many new iterations to come!

The silicone material not only keeps the blenders from physical harm, but the anti-microbial material keeps blenders germ free.

Contributing to its success that this simple idea, inspired by a capsule, is an intuitive product that doesn’t require a lot of education on how it works.


360° View

On Display

Packaging up this product was easy. The secondary packaging is building on the iconic cylindrical canister of beuatyblender.

I even included a small booklet in the bottom of the canister with additional information on the product.