Beautyblender® Holiday Sets

Earned the best-in-class recognition by Sephora for design and innovation.

All of the sets used a unique printed foil without compromising the shine & sparkle of the material but without “shedding” glitter all over.

The boxes were designed to serve as keepsake. After removing the sleeve that contained all the product and legal information the box retained only a subtle branding, making the boxes feel lux enough to keep.

Each sets were engineered to ship flat, saving space and cost during transport.


Sweet Concept

The idea was to create a design that stands out during the crowded holiday season in-store.

I designed the sets to have a playful multi-color sparkle on the outside and the inside of the box to resemble a sweet bonbon sampler complete with product names and sprinkles


Unusual Shape

To add to the originality of the design, I took inspiration form the well known Toblerone packaging and created a shape that is surprising to the touch.


Scalloped Edges

In this set I designed the vac-form to have a scalloped edge, similar to what you can see in a chocolate sample box. This design left the blenders with a temporary scalloping seam, making the blenders look special.


Sweet Surprise

Inspired by the lovable mystery blind bags, this holiday gift contained an 4 different color of blenders with one special new color.

The box encouraged the customer to collect them all and also provided a great stocking stuffer opportunity.

Packaging Design