From Idea to Execution  

No matter of the scale of a project every concept begins with a thorough examination of the brand, its target audience and the communication objectives.

Reflecting on the deliverables and research I normally start with hand sketches and work them out until I wrap my head around the concept from all angles. I may make several drawings or collages developing several solid mood boards and variations on the same theme. 

Next I flesh these ideas further into well-rounded concepts on the computer. This ideation phase is the time to check off all the boxes that are required to create original and striking designs that will catch the eye of the customer.

In executing the project I reach out to my "rolodex" of top designers, stylists, photographers, film directors and architects.  I carefully manage the project to make sure that the deliverables come to life meeting quality, budget and timelines. 


I am a team player; I believe in every one pulling their weight. I am most happy when i know that my team is engaged and excited on the projects at hand.
— Barnabas Kegye