In this quick study I am taking a stab at the super popular brand BeautyBlender. The brand is the darling of social media and used by most professional and celebrity makeup artists. As far as I know all of my girlfriends own at least one of this unique makeup sponge. Despite it’s popularity I felt that the brand could use a bit of a visual revamp. 


I found the mood of the brand to be a little too generic and lacking a cohesive visual story. A brand this popular would deserve stronger visual presence and an elevated look.  After all makeup is fun, artful, and require a great deal of know-how of skillful tips and techniques.

My proposal: To elevate the look, the brand could build on the aspirational value of Hollywood glamour and the mystique of backstage insights. Infuse content with ideas rooted in contemporary visual art, make it sexy and relevant, cater to the top layer of BeautyBlender's clients. (see slide 1)


Before crossing path with BeautyBlender, I never really focused much on makeup and even less so on makeup applicators. The first thing that stood out to me about BeautyBlender was the shape of the product. After my initial quick search about it, the unique droplet shape was  the most prominent thing I could recall, besides the color pink. The company's logo however didn't register with me very strongly. Only much later in my search I found that there is a BeautyBlender logo. It felt very odd to me that the logo had very little, if anything, to do with the “egg” shaped tool.

My Proposal: If not a complete overhaul, but the brand should incorporate the droplet shape in the logo. They should leverage the visual language the company is built on. BeautyBlender could develop a more sophisticated color palette for its logo as opposed to using all of the colors from the wheel - for an example - they could use the distinctive colors of their product. (see slide 2)


Spending a bit more time learning about my subject, being a novice to foundation and makeup, I wanted to know what makes this sponge “The Original”.  I came across a lot of testimonials about the product, cool tutorials, and spoke to quite a few people who explained to me that they love the product because it provides seamless application of the foundation and makeup they use. BeautBlender’s website seems to be largely focusing on the e-commerce aspect of the brand, while education around the differentiators are a bit vague. Given that the product is distributed widely across the globe, both on and offline. I felt that should serve as a social hub of information and entertainment, shifting the focus from product sales to branding.

My Proposal: To elevate the visuals of the brand, they should include more white space in the design of the pages. The brand could also benefit from the use of aspirational models, and its celebrity users. Most of all the website should ENTERTAIN, ENGAGE, EDUCATE the visitors. BeautyBlender should leverage its social media coverage more prominently and encourage the dialogue between the clients and the brand.  With elevated visuals, relevant and periodically updated, curated content the site would become a hub for aspiring makeup artists and beauty obsessed.(see slide 3)